6 Whacky Personalized Gift ideas

Here’s another collection of whacky Custom Portrait idea

Commission animal portraits for the WWE | Pet Portraits | Dog Portrait Artist | Horse Portrait Artist |

If you are an animal lover and would love to do something special for all those animals that WWE freed up this year from torture and appalling living conditions you could commission animal portraits of the ones saved by WWE. What great pleasure than being known to have donated some animal portraits to WWE as a token of good work and appreciation to them!

Commission Charcoal artists for a nude portrait commission | Titanic nude sketch | Custom Portrait Order

Yes that’s a whacky enough idea well within the reach of everyone. If you wish to spark up something romantic yet sensuous then go for it. You can rest assured that your pictures and artworks stay anonymous. You could either choose a nude picture of your loved one, husband / wife, boyfriend / girlfriend or we could easily merge your loved one’s face along with that of a body of your choice. Some moments stay special and stay secret!

A Personalized Painting by one of the most famous portrait artists | Hire a Portrait Artist

Yes you could commission a Painting Reproduction and personalize it the way your way. Just tell us what you would like and how you would like it. Our expert panel of artists will provide you a free custom consultation even in case you do not want to place your order. We would be happy to help you in any way !

A self portrait like one of those self portrait artists | Da Vinci Sketch | Sketch Artist |

Love thyself! Yes, that’s true. How can you love somebody else when you do not love your own self? Gift yourself a piece of art! Commission a self portrait like one of the famous self portrait artists. It makes for a great wall décor. Next time you hold a party at your place, notice how much your guests appreciate the idea. Do not forget to email us back. We love to hear stories from our clients!

Turn an outdoor family portrait into an artwork Family Pencil Portrait, Family Charcoal Portrait, Family Painting

Remember the last time you went for a holiday with your family. The experience will still be fresh in your mind. The sense of togetherness, the special time spent with everyone in your family will always be cherished. How about making it extra special? Just choose a picture closest to your heart and leave the rest to us. We will provide you a detailed consultation to convert your outdoor family portrait into an absolutely stunning form of hand painted or hand drawn artwork by one of our artists.

A collage of oil painting portraits for your girlfriend wife Wedding Anniversary Gift, Birthday Gifts

Wish to impress her on her Birthday or your wedding Anniversary? What better way to gift her than a Personalized collage of Oil Painting Portraits for her. Just choose a few of your favorite pictures of her to create a thoughtful and unique gift for her. She is sure to get touched, moved and inspired, that’s our promise to you!