A Horse Painting for the Derby Winner

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The story of a Horse Painting by a Horse Painting Artist

Craig participates in the Kentucky Derby Festival. He attends the 'Kentucky Derby' the annual held annually in Louisville, Kentucky. The race is known to be United States' "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports" or "The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports" for the duration, and is also known as "The Run for the Roses" for the blanket of roses that is draped over the winner.

The breadth-taking moment Horse Sketches

The race begins. Shoklo, a 102-to-1 shot who never ever won even a single race in 2011, was running second this time and forcing the pace, though he had been a horse that always came from behind heretofore. Flying Hunter, the horse that won of both the Hollywood and Santa Anita Derbies, was surprisingly third this time around. Normally a horse characterized by a beautiful stride, Flying Hunter was struggling to match the pace and was having absolutely no luck. The fourth horse was Potro, who was dismissed by the crowd at an astonishing 51 to 1. Spectacular Stride, the odds-on favorite, who never had ever been worse than fourth in any of his past 10 victories, was running eighth this time on a zigzag course that seemed as if it would bring nothing but trouble.

How the long term wish to commission Horse Paintings gets true

Craig had all your bets on Potro. For the crowd Potro was a fat Loser but you believed in it's potential. At the last quarter of a minute Potro gets bang on track and picks up a fierce pace to overtake all ahead and crosses the finish line to prove itself victorious! He got enthralled and joyous. Craig got so attached and inspired he decided to strike a deal with the owner and get Porto home. He always wished to commission Horse Paintings but it never really happened. Now he decided he shall commission a Horse Painting of Potro - his lucky Mascot ! Craig hired whataportrait.com because we are a one stop shop for all ypu artwork needs.

Pet Portraits Animal Portraits Dog Portraits Cat Portraits Bird Portraits Masterpiece

In a party Craig's best friends  saw the masterpiece we had commissioned. They adored and absolutely loved the Portrait Horse Painting. They were so inspired and touched that each of his friends got keen to commission pet portraits for their pets. They hired our professional Charcoal artist, Pencil Portrait artist and Caricature artist to turn their imagination into reality. They commissioned dog portraits, cat portraits, bird portraits and one of them even commissioned a Tortoise portrait! 

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