A Portrait artist for a Family Portrait commission.

Do you wish to hang a Family picture on the walls of your living room but do not have a Family photograph? You wish to cherish the memories of togetherness. Feel the family bond and cherish the good times but do not have a Family photograph? Did your Grandfather or grandmother pass away before you could get a family photograph clicked? Do you wish to revive the lovely moments you spent for years together?

A lot of clients we work for desire to commission a family portrait wherein one or more members expired and the client missed an opportunity to click a picture of everyone together. We at whataportrait.com create custom and personalized artworks from the pictures you submit. Every artwork we create speaks a different story.

Story Of The Family Portrait Fine Art Commission Fine art artist, portrait artists, sketch artists

Here's the story of a client Aleena who wished to gift her mother a family portrait of mother, her late father and herself. Her father passed away when she was fifteen. He was a thorough gentleman and a man of his words. Aleena shared a very special bond with her father. Aleena knew her father who passed away years back would never ever return. All that she and her mother had was memories which they would cherish forever.

Custom Family Portrait As 25th Anniversary Gift Custom Portrait from photo

Aleena wished to surpirse her mother on her parent's 25th Wedding Anniversary. She wished to gift her mother a family portrait. But she did not have a family picture / photograph to frame and gift. She sought our guidance. Our expert team of sketch artists provided a thorough consultation for all the pictures she submitted. We chose 2 pictures one was a couple portrait and the other was one with Aleena alone. 

The Final Sketch Portrait Drawing Commission From Photo by portrait sketch artist

We created a Pencil Portrait such that Aleena stood between her parents and that got so much of affection and visual appeal of a family portrait to it. We had to work a lot on subtle shades and rendering in the Pencil drawing though. Merging two pictures onto a since custom Portrait drawing is not an easy task. Our sketch artist had to carefully render minute details onto the portrait for it to look natural and real.