Custom Pencil Portrait Sketch for Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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How do you turn a favorite picture to Amazing Custom Portrait Anniversary Gifts?

You have your Wedding Anniversary within the next fortnight and you have been wondering how to surprise your hubby. Perhaps you’ve been hunting around in gift shops and don’t find anything exciting or rather worth it. You want to gift him something that he would truly love and cherish for a life time. But you fail to conclude what exactly you would purchase or create for him. One day you ask your best friend to help you with a solution to this dilemma you are facing and she suggests you consider commissioning a Handmade Pencil Portrait by a Sketch artist ! You get excited! “Yes! This would definitely be a unique gift for him” Something that will always stay close to his heart and hang framed at your bedroom wall.  You scroll through the entire collection of pictures of your husband and yourself, the lovely moments you both have spend together and find a picture you would like to transform into art - A Pencil Portrait
Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Where do you find Portrait Artists to hire?

Excellent! You take a print out of the picture and ask your friend to accompany you and you take your car and drive to the nearest mall around in search of a Portrait artists who commission Pencil Portraits. You arrive at the mall park the car and look around for a Portrait artist. Last you heard there were a couple of these local freelance Portrait artists who create a quick sketch for you within minutes. Alas! You don’t find the sketch artist you are looking for. You start to wonder where next you could find a Sketch artist for your Personalized wedding anniversary gift.

You finally hire a Portrait artist

Someone suggests you head to a sketch artist who sits by the Central park. After a twenty odd minutes drive you successfully reach the artist. The artist sits in outside of an open park with a table full of art materials surrounded by curious kids and their parents admiring his work. You quickly brief the artist what exactly you wish to create. You ask him if he commissions Pencil Portraits. He denies to it and says he only draws pencil portraits. You regret! The sketch artist asks you the size you would like to go for. You decide upon the size and ask him how much he would charge. He quotes an exorbitant fee. You are completely taken aback and wonder what to do. Left with no choices you succumb and place the order. You ask him if he would deliver the artwork to your doorstep – he refrains and says he would charge for packing and shipping the artwork. You ask him if you would get to see a proof before it arrives. He refrains again. You finally receive the artwork at your doorstep but realize that the Pencil Portrait looks more amateurish than professional.

Was the sketch artist worth it?

What if you are saved the hassle of taking half a day out, take a print out, drive all the way to the mall, to the central park, search for a professional artist and order without any confidence, without any quality guarantee, without a proof of the completed artwork before shipping and at then end up receiving an amateurish artwork?

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Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Wedding Anniversary Gifts

We are a one-stop-shop for all your artwork needs! All our artists are accomplished in their respective mediums of fine art and have decades of experience in the custom artworks industry. We offer Free Photo Consultation to all our clients and Free Shipping Worldwide on all artworks. Our portfolio of services comprises of Pencil Portraits, Charcoal Portraits, Oil Paintings, Caricatures from pictures and we keep expanding our portfolio. We have picked and chosen the best artists and put them all under one roof! Our custom artworks make thoughtful Wedding Anniversary Gifts and our variety in portfolio offers something for every taste.

This Anniversary scrap the romantic dinner and chocolates. Gift your sweetheart something thoughtful and timeless, something they would have never thought of. Get started with your own Personalized Wedding Anniversary Gifts!

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