Q: How do I select an image to be sent?
A: Selecting a good image is often a difficult task. Our Artworks can only be as good as the images you submit. To give you an Artwork of the highest quality, we request you to bear the following tips while selecting a reference image:
Tips to choose an image:

  1.The image should be in high resolution.
  2.It should be clear, sharp and well illuminated.
  3.It should enhance the facial features of the subject.
  4.The person’s eyes should be very clear. We firmly believe -“Perfect eyes get life in a Portrait.”

Remember your Portrait Artwork would majorly consist of face/faces so your face. So practically speaking your image should be such that that when you zoom in to view the entire face on your computer screen, the details should be clearly visible.
In case you are confused amongst a bunch of images that you have don’t fret. We will provide a Free Consultation and help you select an image that can be converted into the best piece of Artwork.

Q: I have a traditional paper photo. Can you make a Portrait Artwork from it?

A: Sue we can! You can mail it to us but to save you your precious money and time we would suggest you scan the paper photo at 600dpi resolution (minimum) and either upload it on our website or send it to us by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Q: How long do you normally take to complete the Portrait?

A: A Masterpiece cannot be created overnight! It takes a couple of days to complete the artwork. Because an artwork cannot be created in one go especially a Pencil Portrait which needs to be exactly in proportion and has to give a photorealistic appeal. Such an artwork can only be completed in intervals because one’s eyes cannot detect error elements if one constantly observes the artwork for hours together. So to get the best quality art our artists work on a couple of Portraits at a time and complete them in intervals.
Typically a Pencil Portrait takes 7-10 days to complete. So we require you to give us 15-20 days for the Portrait to be delivered at your doorstep!

Q: Do I pay extra charges for Shipping, handling and packaging?

A: No! We are offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPPING anywhere in the world. We are very passionate about keeping traditional arts alive in this digital age and that’s why we want to provide value for your money.

Q: Can I view the Artwork before you ship it to me?

A: Of course! After the Portrait is ready we will email a preview for your approval. Only when you approve do we process your Order further for shipping.

Q: How will you send the Artwork? Will it safely reach me?

A: After your artwork is completed we will seal it by spraying Art Fixative so that the graphite doesn’t smudge. It also prevents the paper from yellowing with time. We will adequately pack the Artwork and forward it for shipping by DHL (United States) . We guarantee that your artwork will reach you in absolutely safe condition.

Q: Can you frame the Artwork for me?

A: Currently No. Due to high risk of breakage and the cost of logistics involved we believe it would be most economical for you to get the Artwork framed locally. We do provide Free Consultation regarding framing and mounting. Should you have any query regarding the same do not hesitate to drop an email and we’ll be more than happy to provide you consultation in the same regard.

Q: Do you offer partnership or franchise opportunities?

A: We do offer such partnerships to qualified retailers. If interested please send a proposal to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and our board of members will analyze your proposal and get back to you.

Q: Can I order a Portrait to gift to my loved ones in some other country/state/province/city? Can I send a personal message alongwith?

A: Of course yes! We will be more than happy to provide this service. While placing your Order you simply have to enter the recipient’s address who you wish your gift be sent to. Just enter any special message you wish to in the Order Form and we’ll take care of the rest ! Note – We do not charge a penny extra for this service!

Q: Which countries to do ship to?

A: We ship worldwide! Every nook and corner of the world! And we do not charge a penny extra. WE OFFER FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

Q: Is it safe to pay on your website through my credit card? Will my card details be safe?

A: Absolutely YES! We do not track/store your private card details. When you pay with your Credit/Debit Card, Bank transfers or PayPal Account you are directed to the safe PayPal site. PayPal is well known, most secured and trusted Internet Payment Gateway. Once you are through with the payment you will be redirected back to our website.

Q: What materials do you use to Commission Artworks?

A: We use only top quality materials to commission all our works - Nothing less than The Best. We use high quality Art Sheet to commission our works. The graphite pencils of different grades used are top quality. To make sure your Artwork stays the same for time immemorial we seal it with a fixative so that the graphite doesn’t wither away with time. We want you to invest your memory in something that will last more than your lifetime – Something which will pass on from generation to generation! Only that can give us creative satisfaction and can satiate our souls!