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Our Guarantee Policy:

Satisfaction of our customers is of utmost importance to us. We will go to any extent to make you happy. That is the reason why we have crafted out this Guarantee Policy so that you benefit in every way possible.

Lifetime Guarantee:
We use only top quality materials to commission all our works - Nothing less than The Best. We use high quality Art Sheet to commission our works. The graphite pencils of different grades used are top quality. To make sure your Artwork stays the same for time immemorial we seal it with a fixative so that the graphite doesn’t wither away with time. We want you to invest your memory in something that will last more than your lifetime – Something which will pass on from generation to generation! Only that can give us creative satisfaction and can satiate our souls!

100% Satisfaction:
We ship your artwork only after you approve the completed proof (sent by email). You can request for slight modifications agreed mutually upon between you and our team. We are committed to provide only the best quality artworks and we strive to the fullest to see you happy.

Artwork modification:
Once your artwork is ready we will email you a scanned proof of the completed artwork for your approval. You can request for modifications in the artwork. We will strive our best to implement the requested changes. We will email you a scanned proof for your approval again. We will ship the artwork only when you are satisfied. In any case, if you require us to commission your artwork again then you will have to place another order.