Personalized artwork as Corporate gift

Corporate gift reflects a company's taste, standard, culture and what it feels about its employees, business partners and clients. It should work as an ambassador for their business and strengthen relationships. It is an expression of sentiments and reflection of emotions.A substantial percentage of businesses - medium and large, distribute different forms of recognition or Corporate Gifts to their employees, clients and business partners. It is a great means to foster and cherish professional relationships and generate conversations.

According to a survey conducted by Salt Lake City ( approximately half of the individuals loathed what they received as a corporate gift.

   1. 48% disliked the gift
   2. 32% felt the gift was useless
   3. 24% felt the gift was cheap
   4. 59% did not keep the gift
   5. 41% threw the gift away
   6. 22% passed the gift on to someone else

In the face of such a disaster, the ultimate aim of Corporate gifting is not being met at all;Such business gifts result not only in substantial monetary loss for the company but also leave relationships unnurtured. Common corporate gifts are becoming obsolete and orthodox. Each individual be it a worker, Executive or Manager wants to feel special. If a gift lacks its characteristic appeal it will go waste and unnoticed.

Pencil Portrait Corporate Artwork Commissioned artworkPersonalised art as Corporate Gift

Consequently, Corporate gift ideas such as Corporate artworks - Personalised Pencil Portrait from photos, Personalised charcoal Portrait from photo and Caricatures from photo are fetching more and more demad. Gifting Corporate artworks like a personalized pencil portrait/charcoal portrait/caricature is increasingly becoming popular. It is a unique gift idea that promotes innovation, creativity and lateral thinking. A personalized Corporate artwork is thoughtful, special and a great form of recognition. 

Benefits of a Personalized Corporate Artwork:

    100% Handmade
    Exclusive piece of art
    Thoughtful and special gift
    Excellent means of recognition

Ocassions for Personalized Corporate gifting:

    Christmas presents
    Charitable donations
    Safety Awards
    Awards for achieving targets
    Retirement gifts
    Loyalty awards
    VIP presentations
    Thank you gifts
    Sales awards